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Enchanting Beginnings: 
Where Every Child is a Superstar!

Discover a nurturing haven for your little one(s) at b_together. Our dedicated team creates a safe, stimulating environment, encouraging growth and a love for learning from the earliest stages.

b_together nurseryNursery: We cater for all ages between 5 months - 5 years
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Progressive Early Years Learning

Our beautifully designed nursery is situated in the heart of St. John’s Wood in North London. We have developed a bespoke curriculum – devised to encourage your little ones to b_confident and to prepare them for a seamless transition into the schooling system.

Our nursery is open all year round, from 8am to 6pm and caters for children aged 6 months to 5 years. We believe in keeping you up to date with how your child is developing and encourage open communication between our nursery team and our b_together families.

Our Space

Meet our passionate nursery team! From seasoned educators to nurturing caregivers, our diverse group is dedicated to cultivating growth and creating a supportive environment for your little ones development.

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Openess and light

Natural light is such an important factor in mood and wellbeing so we extended our windows to let in even more of it!

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What children see, hear, touch and smell has been fundamental in the curation of every thread on our childcare floor.

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Outdoors in

Elements of outdoor discovery are everywhere, from our waterplay to our growing garden, filling the space with oxygen and nature.

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Play first

We’ve designed play in the fabric of the building, encouraging exploration and movement all day long.

Our Ethos

We don’t try to cram our days with structured goals and schedules. We let children explore, allowing their natural curiosity to lead the daily flow – which is cleverly curated around inspirational themes and activities.

Little one crawling around laughing

Play Comes First

In the morning, we try not to interrupt freeflow play, if we can help it. We have inspiring stations set up to guide the children, but for the most part, we let them engage with whatever they feel most naturally drawn to.

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Exciting Eating

Play doesn’t have to be interrupted by food, either. Our meals can all be provided as bento boxes, meaning we can eat wherever we like, without being geographically limited. This allows us to maintain the process of eating, washing hands, sitting together and practising good manners wherever our play dictates.

Little ones cleaning their hands


We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive environement that celebrates each child's unique background. From celebrating holidays to incorporating multicultural stories we create a vibrant environment that embraces every child's background. Our approach ensures that cultural understanding is not just a concept but a daily enriching reality for each child in our care.

Day dreaming

Make Memories

We create fabulous scrapbooks to document your little one’s wow moments (rather than just cut & paste digital notifications). It’s all about making and saving those precious memories!

Making leaf prints

Bringing Outside In

We love immersive experiences that merge outdoor play with indoor learning, so our explorative nature play isn’t limited just to the garden. We use sprigs of fresh herbs for our sensory play and select natural materials to bring indoors when we can't be outside.

Planting a pot

b_planet Conscious

From the floors, to the ceiling, we’ve made conscious decisions about how we can make our nursery as planet-friendly as possible. We believe it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to protect our world. There ain’t no planet_b. All play items, even our nappies and wipes, are planet-friendly – oh and we
compost any kids’ food waste to nourish our
indoor and outdoor gardens, too!


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Our day rate is £110 per day.
If you book 5 full days, we offer a discounted rate of £105 per day.

We offer a 5% discount for siblings.

As we are an all-year nursery, there is no need to re-apply termly. Once you register your child has a place with us until they leaves us for school.

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Included in fees

Our fees encompass comprehensive provisions, comprising all meals, snacks, nappies, and wipes, ensuring convenience and comfort for your little one(s). We kindly request parents to supply any necessary milk formula.

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Childcare vouchers

We accept Tax Free Childcare payments as well as childcare vouchers. Please discuss this with the nursery management team so that we can make sure all of the correct paperwork is in order before you start. We are also eligible for the government 15 & 30 hours entitlement.

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We are in the heart of St. John’s Wood.

Our address is:
47 – 51 St Johns Wood High Street
St Johns Wood

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Open hours

The nursery is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Nursery drop-off is between 8 and 9am and collection starts from 4pm.

We close for Bank Holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year.

Book a Taster Session
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We try to arrange tours around the flow of the day. You are welcome to stop by for information at any time, but tours need to be booked in advance.

To book call us on 020 3989 7900, alternatively get in touch by clicking the link below to our form.

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