for modern family living

for modern family living
Our aim, quite simply, is to create wonderful places to b_together. Places to grow, laugh, share, learn, relax, create, kick back and just b_.

We exist to bring together families, loved ones and friends; young and old, tall and small – everyone! A place you want to be, but more importantly, a place to be with your people.

We are a family club, nursery, a work-space & a play-space. A place to eat, a place to drink; a hang-out, a hide-out. We are all of these things combined – and more.


Whatever your 'family' structure looks like, we've got you covered. Maggie x

Launching Summer 2021

st john’s wood London, UK


It's our job to surround you
with things to do that inspire,
entertain and enrich you.

Our spaces are places to relax and enjoy yourself!

The heart and soul of b_together is the space to create memories with the people you love. Maggie x


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