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for modern family living

for modern family living
Imagine the best family club ever, then times it by a billion. And on that modest note, hello and welcome to b_together.

b_together is the most fabulous of family destinations. You can play, work, eat and relax (try the cocktails) – we’ll take care of the rest.

The reason we exist is to support you as a parent by offering a planet-friendly co-working space, a comfortable chill space and an exceptional childcare space where your little ones can be inspired in the very safest of hands. Special spaces for modern family living.

If you’re done with fending for yourselves, it’s time to b_together. We’d love it if you joined us. Did we mention we sell cocktails? Okay great.

“The heart and soul of b_together is the space to create memories with the people you love. ” Maggie x

Our Locations

st john’s wood London, UK - learn more!


A space to kick back while your little ones leap forward. So what have we got to offer...
Whatever your 'family' structure looks like, we've got you covered. Maggie x


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