Play, relax, eat, work...
b_together is the most fabulous of family destinations, located smack bang in the middle of St John's High Street.

Your new ‘local’, b_inthewood is a multi-floor high street haven packed with loads of things to do. You can play, work, create, eat and relax (try the cocktails) – we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re done with fending for yourselves, it’s time to b_together. We’d love it if you joined us.

Did we mention we sell cocktails? Okay great!


One of our top priorities at b_together is helping you to combine parenting and play, and maybe allowing a bit of chill in your world – even just for a moment -
... because lord knows you’ve earned it!

With this in mind, our club spaces are little sanctuaries of indulgence. Whether you’re catching up with a loved one over a tasty bite, letting loose in the build-your-own-play with the little ones, or enjoying a bit of me-time with that book you’ve been trying to read since last August, we’ve got you.

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a community for all

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We wanted to build a space for the whole community, and so our workspace, classes and camps are available to all on a flexible drop-in basis with our b_friend option.

  • Workspace

    If we do say so ourselves, our workspaces are really rather wonderful. Perfect for parents in need of a quiet corner to blast through some work emails or life admin; also perfect for busy teenagers in need of somewhere to blast through some revision (or pretend to revise while they’re actually on TikTok).

  • Classes

    Our classes are bitesize nuggets of creativity for all ages. We want people to come together, learn together, create together and explore together. We can't wait to introduce you to our 5 signature classes: Sensory, Explore, Move, Create & Cook.

  • Camps

    During the school holidays, we provide the most awesome creative camp days for children aged 4-11yrs who are keen to b_energetic and b_inspired. From wilderness camps to nerf battles, Lego building competitions to messy art studio sessions - and a range of sports activities - they are the stuff of holiday dreams!

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47-49 St John’s Wood High Street, London, NW8 7NJ

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