Today we’ll be cooking… Heart Flapjacks with Stewed Apple Yoghurt

n preparation for Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating our love of food with these heart-shaped gooey flapjacks. Our little chefs will delight in creating this oaty snack and will even be making a stewed apple and honey yoghurt as a naturally sweet and tasty accompaniment. The very adorable apple features as the hero ingredient this week. Apples are in season here in the UK in February, so we love to make the most of them – and today’s tasty dip certainly does that. Loaded with fibre, apples are great for gut health and also have zero salt or fat in them.

This is a drop-off class, so sit back and relax with a cuppa!

Cancellation policy 

If you can no longer make the class, please let us know. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy – any class cancelled out with that window, will be charged. 

Cook - AT feast


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