This week it’s all about…. Tucked in for the Winter

Winter is on its way and it’s time for many creatures to fill up on their favourite snacks and hunker down somewhere safe until springtime. We’ll be celebrating some of our favourite British hibernators as we sculpt hedgehogs, craft dormice and learn all about why some animals take a very long winter nap!

Today we will be….

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, most of us like to cuddle up and get cosy – and that’s certainly true for our spikiest of friends! We’ll be taking our inspiration from English artist Chris Wormell and his charming series of Royal Mail stamps featuring British hibernating animals, including the much-loved hedgehog. Wormell uses various methods to make his illustrations, including woodcut and linocut relief printing, however, we will be mixing our own salt dough and sculpting our slumbering snufflers using a variety of natural materials as a nod to his sleepy, leaf-loving hedgehog design.

We will be mixing our own salt dough and sculpting some slumbering snufflers using a variety of natural materials while focusing on Chris Wormell’s leafy hibernating hedgehog design.

A grown-up must accompany little ones to this class, so please remember to book yourself or another adult in!

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