discover, learn, build

discover, learn, build
The most awesome creative camps for children who are keen to b_energetic and b_inspired. 

Who doesn’t love the holidays?! Great weather, quality family time, long-awaited adventures to pastures new. But life isn’t one long holiday, and if it is you lucky so and so’s, listen on. For most of us though, holidays can be stressful…juggling little-people-entertaining, thinking up new, stimulating experiences, catching up with friends, whilst simultaneously maintaining full time, demanding jobs. We get it. It’s exhausting, just thinking about it. 

Enter our b_together St Johns Wood school holiday club and camp days, specifically designed to keep children from 4-8 years old inspired (and occupied) throughout the holidays!

“From adventure camps to nerf battles, Lego building competitions to messy art studio sessions, plus a range of sports activities, these camps are the stuff of holiday dreams!”


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