behind the madness...

behind the madness...
Our queen_b of b_together is Maggie Bolger, mother of four and pioneer of the family members club.

Everything Maggie has done has revolved around her own children. As they have grown, so have the needs of her family.

Building on those foundations of knowledge, b_together will evolve Maggie’s old model by blending public and private services; integrating play, learning and quality family time; and broadening the age range to incorporate the whole family, from bump to granny and everyone in between.

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes... We've been busy! Maggie x

Our mission

We believe the children are our future...
(to quote our favourite Whitney Houston song)

We also believe it’s important to have a functioning planet. So at b_together, we want to provide a space that inspires your little ones to dream big but also to b_kind to the planet while they go about it.

And while your darlings learn and play, we want to provide a fabulous space for you parents to work, connect and relax. Because, to quote another Whitney Houston song: we will always love you. Too much? Okay ignore that last bit.

our mantra

  • innovative

    We want to push the boundaries of the family sector stratosphere and redefine an industry in need of change. Quite a lot of change

  • creative

    Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone in our spaces to feel inspired to create beautiful things.

  • inspirational

    We aim to inspire a generation of geniuses! We encourage curiosity and stimulate minds through connection and play.

  • supportive

    We’re here to help parents navigate the different stages and challenges of modern family life. Sometimes cocktails help.

  • entertaining

    Our spaces are places to relax and enjoy yourself. So it’s our job to surround you with things that make you smile and lol.

  • responsible

    When it comes to our planet, we want to b_part of the solution, not the problem. So, sustainability and responsible sourcing are essentials here.


on the list...

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(We love a natter)